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Everyday across Colorado families are being broken apart. This does not have to be the case for you. We can help. We're a Denver based child custody law office that understands what it means to be a parent and how important that sanctity is. You must remember that despite the frustration, anger and desperation that you may feel, the system does work and you must seek a legal solution to remedy the situation.

One of the biggest issues facing fathers is that of child support. A good divorce and child custody attorney will tell you that it is only child protective services and a judge that can take your child custody or visitation rights away from you. A former spouse or ex-girlfriend cannot restrict your rights and can be jailed for attempting to do so. Support payments are made to ensure that your child's needs are met. It is not a payment you make so that you can have visitation rights. Falling behind on payments does not mean that you lose your parental rights and Colorado courts will not intentionally enforce any such action. However, that does not mean that illegitimate efforts can't be made to stifle visitation or even custody. The solution is to get your support payments modified. We will assist you in obtaining a payment structure that is financially fair and ensures that you will not be faced with any future obstructions.
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